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Fund-based asset management

Depending on your investment objectives, we offer the opportunity to invest in an investment strategy which has been specifically tailored to your individual requirements. This investment concept is ideal for investors who prefer life-long investment concepts, which do not require the investor to have previous investment experience. This is because you will benefit from the long-standing expertise of our expert teams over the entire investment horizon.

Why does fund-based asset management make sense?

You should take advantage of our expertise in order to ensure that your assets always generate the highest possible returns. Baumann & Partners will adapt your portfolio to changes in the capital markets automatically and on an ongoing basis. As the following chart demonstrates, the performance of the different asset classes and markets can differ over time.


As an investor in a fund managed by Baumann & Partners, you can benefit from the in-depth knowledge of our expert teams. We use structured and proven selection processes to make the best possible investment decisions on your behalf.

For example, we routinely analyse over 10,000 investment funds from more than 60 different asset classes. In the composition of your portfolio, we pay particular attention to achieving a reasonable balance between risk and return and thus diversifying your assets as much as possible. Our main aim is to deliver the highest possible returns at any given time through informed investment decisions.

To manage your assets as effectively as possible, we have set up a custody service tailored to your individual needs. This offers you numerous other advantages.

Further information is available in the portfolio area.