Our strategy

Our asset management team leverages on its long-standing experience and investment success. This can only be achieved by strict adherence to a disciplined investment strategy.

As active asset managers, we focus on total returns while taking account of the risks involved. The main focus of our investment philosophy is "wealth preservation" rather than chasing "high returns at any cost". This approach is particularly suitable for investors with a long-term investment horizon.

As we are independent, we are free to look for the best investment opportunities among the available asset classes. Only the best ideas and opportunities that emerge from our research will be implemented in accordance with the investment strategy set out with the client.

Depending on the investment strategy, the investment universe can involve virtually any type of financial instrument or product. Based on technical analysis, this results in a strategic allocation - where necessary in combination with tactical hedging. At the same time, we do not favour any particular asset class or investment style. Assets are allocated using a range of investment styles in combination with rigorous risk management.

This approach can lead to a more sustainable performance in the long term while keeping the risk within manageable bounds.