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Our investment process

Investment discipline

To achieve optimised investment results, it is paramount to adhere to an investment discipline consistently throughout the entire investment process. For this reason, our portfolio management sets out predefined objectives specifying the conditions under which a position will be sold or gradually unwound before making a promising investment.

In addition to the ongoing monitoring of all security holdings, portfolio screening and limit monitoring takes place in real time while taking into account the investment objectives.

Process basics

Our portfolio management process is implemented in a structured manner based on the respective investment strategy and tailored to the client's individual needs. It is based on global macroeconomic analysis, implemented as part of an active and flexible management approach. The focus is on long-term performance and portfolio risk control.

Suitable investments are evaluated, rated and systematically monitored in the context of analytical research using both qualitative and quantitative criteria.In addition, we can tap into the expertise and experience of our broad network and external analysts from renowned investment firms or rating companies. As a result, we can structure the portfolio freely using a comprehensive range of investment styles to deliver optimal solutions tailored to customer requirements.

Risk analyses

The investment objective is defined before making the first investment, and the risk/return ratio is being strictly adhered to in accordance with the predefined risk profile of the portfolio. The elaborate, systematic top-down and bottom-up checks and monitoring provide us with added value, which justifies this as an important part of the investment process. While the fund managers are aware of the respective benchmark indices, portfolios are not measured against benchmark indices.


Our highest priority is long-term customer satisfaction and the systematic achievement of predefined objectives with regard to risk and return as a result of discipline, independence and transparency.

The following chart shows the most important criteria used to construct a portfolio: